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My name is James Spencer and I’m a fine artist based in Northumberland.

After working as an illustrator for clients including The Guardian, Financial Times, GQ and Christie's I have pursued a fine art direction in my work.


My practise focuses largely on still life and landscape painting. I thoroughly enjoy painting from life whether 'en plein air' or in the studio in front of a still life set up. This allows for the most immediate and direct response to the subject. I also paint with the use of reference photographs to create works in my studio. With the aid of my reference photography I can capture moments in paint that otherwise would have been unattainable. This opens up endless opportunities of exploration in light and the transformative effect it has on colour.

Another important theme throughout my painting is simplicity. My compositions are often minimal, the aim being to convey a sense of calm. The work invites the viewer to mindfully contemplate the world around them.

I have exhibited at The Mall Galleries in London at the annual exhibitions of both The Royal Society of Portrait Painters and The Royal Institute of Oil Painters.

When I'm not painting I love to walk in the countryside. In 2023 my partner and I walked over 900km across Spain whilst following the Camino de Santiago. An incredible experience which I am sure will continue to inspire me and fuel my painting practise for years to come.

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