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Are you looking for a gift or something special to suit a space in your home?


A commissioned painting can be a unique way to remember a special place. It could be your favourite view on a regular walk, a reminder of a wonderful holiday or even a depiction of your hometown, the possibilities are endless. 


Custom pieces are not limited to landscapes either. Maybe you have an old family heirloom which could be the inspiration for a new still life piece?


Any subject can be tailored to suit you and where you intend to hang the work. For example, I can use certain lighting effects or colours within the painting to ensure that it works in harmony with the space. 


If you already have a specific subject in mind or would just like to brainstorm some potential ideas please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Unframed Prices


The prices listed here are intended as a guide, the final quote will depend on the complexity of the  piece. For example a simple seascape study with a single boat on the horizon would be closer to the guide price whereas a busy harbour scene with lots of boats will have a higher price. Of course the final cost of the painting will be finalised and agreed upon before work begins.


Oil On Panel


6 x 8’’ From £300.


8 x 10’’ From £400.


10 x 12’’ From £500.


These are my most commonly used sizes but if you have a different scale in mind please send me an email and we can explore the options.




For an additional fee framing can also be arranged. I can provide recommendations for mouldings and colours in order to suit both the piece and your home.


6 x 8’’ From £75.


8 x 10’’ From £100.


10 x 12’’ From £125.​



If you would like to commission a painting or have any questions please get in touch.

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