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Benefits of Commissioning A Painting

Commissioning a painting offers several benefits that can make it a worthwhile and meaningful experience. Here are some advantages of commissioning a painting:

Be Part of The Creative Process

When you commission a painting you become part of the creative process. Whether the work is intended for your own home or as a gift your input drives the creation of something to be cherished for generations to come. Being part of the journey and seeing your ideas come to life can be a very rewarding part of the process for collectors.

Custom Made

Commissioned pieces can be tailored to suit your home by matching the colour and atmosphere of the hanging location. When commissioning a painting, you also have the opportunity to customize the size and format of the artwork to suit your space and preferences. Whether you need a large statement piece for your living room or a small artwork for a specific spot, we can work together to ensure that your custom piece works in harmony with the space.

Remember A Special Moment

A made to order painting can be a wonderful way to celebrate an important moment or to remember a place dear to your family. For example a landscape painting of the spot where you proposed could be a fantastic way to record that special moment. Each time you see it in your home you will be reminded of that day.

Commissioned Paintings Are Unique

Custom made paintings are one of a kind because they are specially made to your unique requirements. Your choices during the commissioning process are what make the final outcome so special. Whether it’s regarding the subject, colour palette, composition or framing your input is ultimately what makes the painting yours.


You can choose your level of involvement. If you have a specific idea for a commissioned piece that’s fantastic, we can get started right away. Or maybe you would prefer that I come up with some ideas for you? No problem at all, I’m more than happy to take the reins.


Take a look at my commissions page for prices and further information on the process.

If you would like to discuss some ideas please don’t hesitate to get it touch:


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