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Why Buy Art Online?

For a long time the only way to buy art was through a gallery or an art dealer but now a substantial amount of art is also being purchased online. Collectors now have an immense choice of artists at their fingertips. Here a some reasons to consider whether buying art online could work for you.


Buying art online allows collectors to communicate directly with artists. This is a really important point because a key aspect of art is communication and the expression of ideas. A collector can discuss the work with the artist who created it and gain new insights into the motivation and process behind it.


Buyers can now discover their new favourite artist and browse their portfolio without the need to travel. This fantastic for both artist and collector, especially when there is a vast distance between the two.


Long distance delivery is now fast and in the vast majority of cases, reliable. This is great for the buyer because the wait between purchasing a new painting online and having it hanging in their home is minimal.


Many artists are very generous with their returns conditions which is another big positive for buyers. This means that buying art online no longer needs to feel like a gamble and collectors can have peace of mind.

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